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Category: Eternal Emperor

Eternal Emperor

The first God of War in the heavens, but because of his high merits, he was betrayed by his beloved and died in the night of the bridal chamber.
A hundred years after Nie Tian was reborn, he would no longer be a minister of His Highness!
In this life, I want to create my world!
In this life, I want to become the emperor of heaven!
In this life, I want to dominate the Heaven and God Realm!
Nie Tian was reborn, rising from three thousand small worlds, experiencing the world of Xumi, the realm of the heavens, and the realm of the gods for a time. The realm of the holy demon finally understood the true meaning of the world and set foot on the highest peak of martial arts.

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Nie Tian heard Mo Ruxi’s faint feelings, and suddenly felt a little stunned. He did not remember any emotional connection between him and Mo Ruxi, and the two had not ...

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“Are there anyone from the Finance Hall among you?” Nie Tian’s expression eased, with a faint smile, and asked loudly. Everyone didn’t know what Nie Tian was going to do ...

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Nie Tian wanted to kill Nie Santong not because the latter coveted the position of Patriarch, but because of what the latter did. As the elders and subordinates, it is ...

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Nie Tian, ​​who shocked the scene, stood there for a long time, and finally calmed down. “Could it be that the power to break through the heavenly emperor and advance ...

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In the room, Nie Tian looked at Dantian and his expression became shocked. “Unexpectedly, the original Xingchen stone was really reborn with me. And it has been completely integrated with ...

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The Ba family left, but the discussion hall of the Nie family exploded. People from the Patriarchal Association of Pakistan took the lead in speaking out. “Nie Tian, ​​you are ...

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“Nie Tian, ​​do you dare to hit me?” Ba Ziyang clutched half of his swollen face and looked at Nie Tian inconceivably. “What happened to you? You should be thankful ...

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Nie Santong’s shot was swift and fierce, extremely fierce, obviously he wanted to kill him with one blow! The eagle claw shot out, and the sound of breaking through the ...

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Nie’s house, discussion hall. A middle-aged man with a mustache, sitting as the head of the house, smiled from time to time. He is the chief deacon of the Nie ...

#1 God of War Rebirth | Eternal Emperor

#1 God of War Rebirth | Eternal Emperor

God of War Rebirth “Unexpectedly, my Nie Tian was born again!” In the room, Nie Tian trembled violently, his eyes filled with suppressed anger. In his heart, the stormy sea, ...